National Geographic & PBS Team-up to Make Google Earth an Even Better EdTech Tool

New Classroom Activities Take Google Earth To The Next Level

Google Earth has recently undergone an upgrade to make it an even more amazing classroom tool.  The new Education category in Voyager has new stories with activities built-in to make it even easier for teachers to use.  These classroom activities are a product of partnerships between Google, National Geographic, PBS Education, HHMI Biointereactive, and Mission Blue.
These activities range from following the paths of the vikings or famous explorers to investigating real problems like protecting the endangered coral reefs and stopping the spread of the Ebola virus.  There are even videos and embedded questions regarding oceanic conditions.
There is no doubt that the new Google Earth continues to help teachers breakdown the barriers of the classroom, and literally bring the world right to their students.  As I played with some of the new features, I found myself really engaged in some of the information cards and maps.  This is the exact kind of exploring and learning we want our students to get immersed in.
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