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Technology In Education

Create Web Pages for Free and Save Them as a PDF is a website that allows users to create a webpage by entering text into the body of an email, and then sending it to a particular email address. This intuitive and easy to use site is perfect for creating quick and disposable websites. The article also… […]

Technology In Education

Google Classroom for Professional Learning

Google recently changed Classroom to allow access to anyone with a Gmail account, which opens it up to man more uses. This article gives you a step by step tutorial how to set-up a Classroom for professional learning, and also gives ideas for professional learning possibilities. […]

How My Career In Marketing Made Me A Better Teacher
In the Spotlight

Run Your Classroom Like A Successful Business

As a second-career Teacher, I often find myself referring back to my days as a Marketing Director, and at times call upon those experiences to address current issues I face in education.  While some may [...]

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