Adobe Spark Is Everything You Need For Graphics And Videos

Designed For Users With No Experience

Full disclosure, I have been a fan and user of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere for many years.  With that said, I am always looking for easy to use tools that I can share with teachers, students, and friends, and Adobe Spark is one of the most visually pleasing and user-friendly tools I’ve come across in a long time.  One of the great perks for when I professionally edited commercials for The WB was the access I had to all the amazing video editing equipment.  Now 12 years later, any 13-year-old can create videos from their phone that are just as good thanks to video templates that allow them to plug and go.  Adobe Spark is a free website that gives users who have no technical abilities access to customize their own designs using templates for both photos and pictures.

Adobe Spark Daniel Spada

Once signed-up, users can decide between:

Posts and Graphics, which are great for memes, inspirational quotes, announcements, invitations, and more!

Web Stories, which are great for photo journals, event recaps, portfolios, catalogs, and more!

Animated Videos, which are great for lessons, pitches, presentations, greetings, and more!

Adobe Spark Daniel SpadaAnother great feature is that if you are an amateur who doesn’t know about sizing and aspect ratio, Spark has all kinds of templates you can select based on the platform you want to post to (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube thumbnail, poster size, Pinterest, banner for Twitter or Facebook, Etsy cover, iPhone, and much more).  Adobe Spark also has a great collection of stock photography and backgrounds that users can use if they don’t have their own photos.  Add in a stunning library of fonts, and users have everything they could possibly need to create something really professional looking in a matter of minutes.

Here is a brief one minute video tutorial from CNET:

If you’re someone who has never done any photo editing or graphic design, don’t be intimidated by this, because Spark was created with you in mind.  Go ahead and try it today, so that you can bring this into your classroom this fall.  You won’t be disappointed.

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