Free Online Certification Program Offered Through CK-12

Program Allows Educators The Ability To Customize Course Path Based On Their Interests

CK-12 is a nonprofit organization and is offering a free online certification program this summer.  The courses are offered from June 19-July 21, and educators can take as many courses as they would like.  Anyone completing seven courses will receive a CK-12 certification badge.  The program allows educators the ability to customize their course path based on their interests.   The pathways are as follows:
Content Pathway
Customize a digital curriculum with CK-12 FlexBooks® and concept-based modalities to localize learning and meet the needs of your students.
Intelligent Pathway
Differentiate instruction and personalize learning with CK-12’s Simulations, PLIX Interactives, and Adaptive Practice.
Create your own learning experience by selecting sessions from both pathways.
Anyone interested in learning more or registering can find more information on CK-12’s website:


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