Library Offers 20,000 FREE Ebooks for Educators

Every once in awhile a site comes along that I would classify as a game changer. My recent experience with moves them into that category. is a free online library of over 20,000 high quality ebooks from very well established publishers. […]

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Create Web Pages for Free and Save Them as a PDF is a website that allows users to create a webpage by entering text into the body of an email, and then sending it to a particular email address. This intuitive and easy to use site is perfect for creating quick and disposable websites. The article also… […]


Check123 Video Encyclopedia

Check123 is an exciting video encyclopedia that allows teachers and students to browse through videos created by National Geographic, How Stuff Works, History Channel, Biography, TED-Ed, Smithsonian, Mashable, and Science Channel. Each video is […]

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Great Collaborative Whiteboard Tools for Teachers

Not every teacher has a Smartboard or interactive whiteboard, but this article shares six different web-based whiteboard platforms that can be used to collaborate in real time with students or teachers in the room, or around the world. […]

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Google Classroom for Professional Learning

Google recently changed Classroom to allow access to anyone with a Gmail account, which opens it up to man more uses. This article gives you a step by step tutorial how to set-up a Classroom for professional learning, and also gives ideas for professional learning possibilities. […]

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Drones Can Be Fun And Educational

Most kids would jump at the chance to use a drone in school, and this article gives ideas for embedding drone use into the curriculum of several different subject areas. […]

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How to Use Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented Reality is a growing trend in education, wherein a computer-generated image is superimposed on user’s view of the real world. This article explains the benefits of using augmented reality in the classroom, along with five apps to try in your classroom. […]

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Free Open Educational Resources

Open educational resources (OER) are free accessible, openly licensed text, media, and other digital assets that teachers can use in their classrooms for teaching and assessing, as well as for research. One of the best features of OER is that they can be revised to fit […]