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How To Use Minecraft Education In Your Classroom

So you don’t know the difference between a Creeper and a Zombie Pigman?  That’s no excuse to not take advantage of a once in a generation opportunity teachers currently have.  Even those with absolutely no […]

How My Career In Marketing Made Me A Better Teacher
Technology In Education

Run Your Classroom Like A Successful Business

As a second-career Teacher, I often find myself referring back to my days as a Marketing Director, and at times call upon those experiences to address current issues I face in education.  While some may […]

Technology In Education

WeVideo – Online Video Editor

As a former video production professional, I used to edit commercials for shows on the television station The WB, so it should come as little surprise that as an educator I love giving students the […]

Google Forms
Technology In Education

New Google Forms Guide and Walk-through

While looking for some resources to share with teachers to kick-off the new school year in a couple of weeks, I stumbled upon this really great graphic guide for the new Google Forms by educatorstechnology.com. […]

Technology In Education

Presentations You Might Have Missed At ISTE 2017

Were you stuck at home this year instead of being at the world’s largest conference for technology in education?  If you missed this year’s conference, no problem.  The people over at Google Apps For Education […]


Google CS First Helps ANYONE Teach Coding

CS First is a free Google program that aims at increasing student access and exposure to computer science education.  The program is aimed towards teachers and volunteers who want to run in-school, after-school, or summer […]


Teaching Kids To “Be Internet Awesome”

Google has partnered with the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and teachers from around the country to give educators a classroom curriculum for teaching kids digital citizenship and ways to be safe on Internet.  The program is built […]